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Topic Speaker Speaker Bio Speaker Location Time (PT) Date
Responsible AI/AI Ethics Ana Chubnidze Georgia (country) 2:30 PM 4/10/21
CareerPivot to AI Ethics Interview Susanna Raj (US) Pragati Rai (India) AI Ethicists India/US 06:00 PM 4/10/21
Chatbots Interview Zoya Lakhani (Pakistan), Ruth Millar (Singapore) AI Chatbots Marketing Leader from RovingApps and UIB Singapore/Pakistan 7.00 PM 4/10/21
NoCodeAI Lesson on learning Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure Viola Miebach & Kristine Kalnina AIX Designers Barcelona, Spain 8.00 PM 4/10/21
AI Ethics/ AI Research Tahereh Sonia Saheb AI Research Assistant Professor from Tarbiat Modares University Iran 4/10/21
Data Science Myths and CareerPivot Story Manpreet Budhraja DataScientist and host of A.I.M YouTube Channel India 2.30 AM 4/10/21
NLP Sam Wigglesworth UK 4/10/21
IoT and Equality Divya Dwivedi Lawyer - Supreme Court of India India 5:00 AM 4/10/21
Intelligent Enterprise Elvira Wallis SVP & Global Head of IOT, SAP 4/10/20
Data Driven Operations Daisy Jiang Board member & Head of Operation, UIB 4/10/20
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